Program Committee

The Global Research Council is seeking Heads of Research Councils (HORCs) to join the new Program Committee!

The GRC is seeking 2-3 Heads of Research Council (HORC) participants of the Global Research Council (GRC) to join the Program Committee to help slecet topics for 2019. 

This Program Committee is tasked with considering suggestions for topics from GRC participants and providing recommendations to the Governing Board who will then endorse and announce the topic/topics for the following year. For further information, including the terms of reference, please email .

If you are interested in joining the Program Committee please email a short expression of interest to by 19th March 2018. In your email, please clearly state the name of the recommended Member, their organisation and contact details.

Additional Information:

  • Members of the Program Committee  must be GRC participants and will be at HORC level, proxies/ substitutes will not permitted to sit on the Program Committee
  • HORCs will be asked to sit a 3 year term, or the remainder of their term in office as a HORC (whichever is shorter).
  • The Program Committee will generally work through e-mail correspondence and meet as required by teleconference. Whenever possible (i.e., at Regional or Annual Meetings), members may organise an in-person meeting.
  • The Governing Board will be responsible for appointing each member of the Program Committee in late March.

With this call, we also invite GRC participant organisations to submit topic suggestions to the Program Committee. If you would like to propose a topic or revisit a previous GRC topic, then please complete the Topic Suggestion Form and email to by 19th March 2018.  Before submitting a topic please consider and address the topic criteria below:

  • The potential interest in the topic among GRC participants and the wider international community.
  • The potential for the topic to lead to clear outputs and/or follow up actions.
  • The appropriateness of the topic for the GRC, i.e. the ability of participants to influence or to address issues raised by the topic.
  • The timeliness and relevance of the topic, if a previously discussed topic, why it is timely for the GRC to revisit it.
  • Whether the topic is already being discussed, or is more appropriately discussed within other international forums, e.g. OECD Global Science Forum (GSF), International Council for Science (ICS), the Group of Senior Officials on Global Research Infrastructures (GSO), International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) etc..

Additional Information:

  • GRC participant organisations are permitted to submit more than one topic, but must provide a justification (maximum of one page) for each topic proposed, addressing the criteria for topic selection, as noted in the application form.
  • These topic suggestions will be considered by the Program Committee for the 2019 Annual Meeting.

For all queries relating to the Program Committee and submitting a topic suggestion please email .