Executive Support Group

Executive Support Group

To meet the demands of continuity and transparency in its procedures, the Governing Board has appointed an Executive Support Group (ESG), consisting of experienced senior level officials from participating research councils. Membership is ad personam and not automatically linked to the members of the Governing Board. The ESG is co-chaired by an elected member and by the Executive Secretary, who is a full member of the ESG ex officio. 

The Executive Secretary is appointed by the Governing Board for a term of five years, consecutive terms are possible. Following a call for proposals, the Executive Secretary is provided by one of the participating organisations free of charge for the GRC. The first Executive Secretary, Graham Harrison, was provided by NSF (USA) for five years. For an intermediate 1.5 years, Rainer Gruhlich (DFG, Germany) served as Executive Secretary and from 2017 on, Michael Bright from UK-RI (UK) took over.

The ESG, including the Executive Secretary, supports the Governing Board, the hosts of the Annual as well as the Regional Meetings and all GRC participants in all organizational matters concerning the GRC. In addition, it drafts concepts, statements and procedural papers as requested by the Governing Board.

Currently the members of the ESG are:


•    Michael Bright, UK (Executive Secretary)
•    Aldo Stroebel, South Africa


•    Euclides De Mesquita Neto, Brazil 
•    Monique Zaloum, Canada
•    Rebecca Keiser, USA


•    Srinivasa Prasanna, India
•    Atsuko Nakatsuka, Japan
•    Payam Parsizadeh, Iran


•    Maud Evrard, Science Europe
•    Marcus Wilms, Germany


•    Ahmad Al-Abdulkader, Saudi Arabia